Tuesday, August 19, 2014

About the Militarization of our Police Force, and about a cure for the aggressive, racist cop;

In response to Chris Mathews "It isn't just about the cops" article on FB 8/19/2014

Sorry, Chris; our local police force has to do a better job with screening and hiring; otherwise our police action makes us look shameful worldwide.  Right now they're overly equipped with war machines provided by the U.S. govt war machine...and that alone incites aggressive behavior (see Bill Maher's clip, below).

Great cops stop suspects and arrest them with words. Good cops use minimal restraining tools; handcuffs, etc, and only if talking doesn't work. Average cops resort to more violence, and will more readily use their guns; but even average cops know it's a last resort; and know to disable, not kill.

The majority of cops I know are like those, above.

Cops with a grudge, cops raised with bigotry, cops who have issues and mental instability kill suspects of shoplifting and jaywalking with 6 shots.

They need to be removed from the job, at least. Better yet, tried for criminal behavior.

#Ferguson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs9LNAI0nBc&list=UUy6kyFxaMqGtpE3pQTflK8A

In reply to a comment by Robert Reich on FB about "what planet are the Republicans living on?"
I replied;

A more realistic question, Mr. Robert Reich is, what century are the Republicans living in?

 40-50 years ago racism was much more acceptable and common.  Polluting cars and factories were tolerated because we assumed the environment kept absorbing it; and getting rich via fossil fuels and gas guzzling technology was common.  Religion and faith in a supreme being had a much greater hold on "civilization".

It seems the Republicans are classic reminiscers for "the good old days" when it was OK to openly express bigotry, open carry weapons, and make money any way possible. Progressives want to move forward, the Grand Old Party want things they way they were.

 I think we're finally seeing that we can't live in the past; it was morally corrupt, and we know better than to live like that - well, some of us do.

The point is that this solar-thermal strategy is unwise.  Solar photo-voltaic doesn't produce heat.  This strategy (solar thermal) does.

 The number one environmental problem, besides population growth, is global warming.  We need to eliminate all exothermic energy reactions; from fossil fuel burning cars to lawn mowers.

With the population growing (births minus deaths) at 150 per minute, we're already adding that many 98 degree bodies...we need to slow that down, too.


Monday, August 18, 2014


Here's another recipe I make regularly;
1 brownie mix
1 cup oatmeal - put dry in blender for 20-30 seconds to make into a flour.
2 scoops Muscle milk powder (or any protein powder, chocolate flavor)
1-2 egg(s)
you can reduce or eliminate the oil, but increase the water/almond/soy milk/coffee (liquid required) to make it lower fat. Too little oil and the brownies are crumbly.
add cranberries, pecans, walnuts and/or chocolate chips.
mix and bake as directed on the box.
- it's like a brownie mix on steroids; no added sugar makes it low sugar, too!   

It's a regular out-the-door breakfast meal for me.
This is in Reply to a very interesting question on F.B. about our future Evolution.

I wrote;

We have evolved, and we continue to do so....It's not a matter of "if"...Evolution favors those organisms who are adaptable and changeable.

 99% of the total species that have ever lived on earth have gone extinct because other species were more adaptable than they were.  Exo-scientists (those who study the possibility of life outside our solar system) suggest that one of the reasons we don't get any radio signals from exo-civilizations is that once intelligent civilizations evolve, the competitive nature makes them go extinct very quickly.

 So the real question is how adaptable will the future generations be to the rapidly changing climate and its effects of sea level rise and intense heat increase.  We might not evolve fast enough to survive.

Chances are good humans will go extinct in a few generations; but some mammals (especially small ones - i.e. rats) will survive; so there's a good chance we will set evolution back about 60 or 70 million years.

Some creative science fiction evolutionists have foretold the second evolution of intelligent beings might be Reptilian-avain; more adaptable blood temperature (Dinosaurs said to have been more adaptable-temperature metabolism than mammals), evolution of feathers and wings, (wouldn't that be cool if we could all fly?)  etc (and the eggs of the Reptilian-Avian Homo Sapiens II would be sex-alterable to male-female depending on temperature...so in another 60-70 million years...hmmmm?)

Plant life will go on; the trees are smiling....


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wow; it's been over a year since I've added to this?  Amazing!

March 2013, Finally took my life-long buddy Victor Youcha and his wife Linda up on their invitation to visit them in Mexico!  Had no idea about the lake they lived on - the largest inland lake in Mexico!  He's a chiropractic doctor who's doing very well.  I had fun, did a lot of hiking and walking, ate a lot of great Mexican food, took a lot of pics (see my Facebook page "Pikecology"/ Robert Pike. Ask me to show you the stone-age hand tool I found on an island in the middle of the lake!

June 2013; My All electric Tesla arrived!  Had to rebuild part of the garage (the shelving needed to be re-sized; I asked a couple of carpenters for estimates; ended up doing it myself!). Also had to hire an electric company to install the charging outlet.    This car is FAST; 5.4 seconds 0 to 60…no gas! All electric.  Have since taken it up to Vero Beach and Ft. Myers (free charging stations there).  Very deluxe, fun car.  Go see more at Teslamotors.com

Late July-Early August 2013; celebrated turning 68 with son, Jimmy; visiting Hawaii! Amazing trip; warm water, clear skies; two great helicopter rides, and a 27 mile Bike-coast down one of the largest Volcanoes in the Pacific!  Amazing.  Looking forward to going back and exploring the other islands.

Uneventful Fall-Winter 2013; a few dates, off and on and off with the nurse (since 2006) - that's obviously going no-where - she's sweet, but way too occupied earning money to support her adult child (who lives with her father in Massachusetts).

Just discovered "HowaboutWe" and posted several dates there. We'll see how that plays out.  I'm on Match, POF, and OK Cupid as well.  Ladies, pay attention!  You've got a champion dude here still unattached!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I recently discovered "Clementines" ....seedless tangerines! Wish they could grow them all year long! Awesome snack fruit. Also, try dried cranberries; a little more costly than raisins, but such a nice flavor!.

And did you know that when to decapitate a pineapple, you can grow new fruit from the cap? It takes a couple of years, but if you're in S. U.S. Fla or California, you gotta do this! Let the cap dry out first; then soak it in just clear water in a clear glass. Change the water when it gets cloudy. When the roots start showing, put it in a 2-5 gallon pot with some fresh soil, and Voila! Pretty house plant (sunny location) and great fruit! When the fruit pops out (a beautifully colored flower, I might add) throw some fertilizer on it, and don't let it dry out. It's a slow grower; plant lots and you'll have a bunch; I have 9 in this years' crop!